In the competitive environment of the world of work, an increasing importance is recognized to the creation of bonds between colleagues, that confine the negative effects of the competition. The company TEAM BUILDING is a positive networking model between the members of a work group that helps to create bonds in order to work together and to pursue the common goal.

The participants enter the room as individuals, but they come out as a team!

Phobos Escape Verona in partnership with Montresor Group offers costumized solutions for companies that look for tailor made packages to create a Team Building. The offers are studied in every detail and include the meeting rooms, the restaurant services and activities that stimulate the co-operation and the team work like the experiences created by Phobos Escape Verona. Whatever your requirements are, Phobos Escape and Montresor Group are the ideal partners for the fulfillment of your company’s TEAM BUILDING.


for your team building

  • Max 32 players
  • 60 Minutes