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Every year Montresor Hotels organizes a nationwide event in its hotels. In the last two years, however, customers have disappeared from their rooms. After weeks of researches, the authorities have found those bodies, gutted and torn apart, in the basement of the hotel.

Investigators have failed to identify the culprit, but above all, to understand the unprecedented ferocity with which those murders were committed. The bodies of the poor clients showed obvious signs of torture. The investigators hypothesized that the victims had been POISONED with some drugs, which would have irreparably damaged their motor and mental skills, and then be TORTURED for hours before death. Such ferocity had never been seen and everyone renounced to continue the investigations due to the scarcity of evidence and the fear of becoming themselves victims of that madness. Over time, many suppositions have been formulated, from Satanism to the Serial Killer, but everything has yet to be verified. Montresor Hotel will host you at this year's event. Extra security measures have been taken, thanks to the support of an FBI division that will monitor the area for the entire duration.

But you will have to be very careful !! You will be guests, apparently, of a normal hotel. But nothing is as it seems !! You will be the protagonists of a horror movie where YOU are the victim !!!

The only goal will be to ... SAVE YOURSELF !! Phobos Escape Verona welcomes you to Phobos Hotel Experience, an involving team event with sinister implications. Your goal is to put an end to this succession of sudden deaths occurred in this hotel by discovering the identity of the murderer ... or at least saving your skin !!

Extraordinary opening: MAY 2020




In our Real Game the actors will be an active part of every situation: they will pretend to suffocate you, to push you or to drag you. All of this has obviously been designed to increase your involvement in the game as much as possible, guaranteeing maximum safety for the participants. Our actors are professionals and it is therefore essential that you do not oppose their actions with force or with reactions that could cause danger. Remember that you can, at any time, end the game with a "safety word" that will be "I REGRET IT!". Once you scream these words, we will free you and the game will end. Before the start of the game we will give you the opportunity to warn us if you do not want our actors to target you! Remember one thing: DO NOT EVER PUT RESISTANCE!



During the game you WILL get dirty, so it is essential that you put comfortable clothes and to which you do not particularly care. The game is constantly on the move so avoid wearing uncomfortable heels or shoes. We also recommend avoiding necklaces, bracelets, earrings and piercings. Our products are the best on the market. They can also be swallowed, without problems.



What is the main condition in which fear takes over? When you feel lonely ...
At some point in the game you will find yourself alone ... nobody can help you, you will have to rely only on yourself !!

Pricing & LOCATION


MAY 2020

Extraordinary opening

To participate in Phobos Hotel Experience the price is 40 € per person.

This experience in available only on MONDAY, TUESDAY, WEDNESDAY and THURSDAY


Hotel Tower

The event will take place to the Montresor Hotel Tower in Bussolengo. Click the link below to check how to get there.