Strobe lights, deafening music and lots of fun. You’ll never find anything of the sort in our amusement park outside the town. The caravans arrived on an unfortunately stormy summer many years ago and couldn’t get away anymore. Settling down on those grounds, however, was not the best choice. Carnies abandoned the carousels and looked for luck elsewhere. All but one.

Where could a clown go? What place could he call home except for the box office of the roller coaster, the cabin of the panoramic wheel or the cotton candy stall? Today only the clown is inhabiting the amusement park. He hides in the reflexes of the mirror room. He jokes with the puppets of the haunted house or drags himself through the dusty alleys waiting for his audience. Surrounded by all those disused carousels he laughs his head out. Poor loony. He’s feeling alone. Call your friends and find out if he’s looking for company.

Phobos escape Verona inaugurates PAIN PARK. A terrifying horror adventure set in an amusement park.

But don’t expect punching bags or Horse’s mouths. The clown wants to play with you.


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  • 3 - 10 players
  • 60 minutes