Home, sweet home. This is what the Smiths must have thought when they bought the manor. An ancient building full of stories. And this is why they liked it so much. They loved the idea of adding a chapter. The family had a little to write as to the manor took a short while to add the Smiths to its mysteries.

In one week no life signs would come from inside its walls. The neighbors who came to bid their welcome to the newcomers found only blood. Everywhere.

On the furniture’s moldings, on the ancient carpets, on the plastered walls. Just blood. What happened to the Smiths? Venture and find out what you can, but beware. The Manor is jealous of its stories and it wont be easy to get out and tell them.

Phobos Escape Verona presents MANSION. A horror theme game completely taken from a true story with a brand new screen play. An old, abandoned house from which only the braves will be able to escape.


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  • 3 - 10 players
  • 60 minutes