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What you are going to read is not the usual horror story. Nothing about the black man, or with the monster hiding in the wardrobe. It is not even the dusty story left to age on the shelves of an old bookshelf. NOTHING ABOUT ALL OF THIS !!!

If you are not ready, I advise you not to continue reading. But if the curiosity is so great, get ahead, at your own risk.

Welcome to Jusshead Town, a quiet town, nothing spectacular. Ordinary people, unpretentious. But in the heart of this town, there is a psychiatric rehabilitation center, now abandoned. Center that in the early 80s enjoyed an extraordinary success: first, for the fame of doctors and psychiatrists who worked there; secondly, due to the presence of some of the most dangerous subjects that history has never had occasion to give birth. ASYLUM was a center of detention and treatment of maladaptive, sociopathic, dissociated. It was their home and their prison. On its sudden closure a few years ago, the mystery hovers. Everything has passed in silence. One by one, the doctors who practiced inside it disappeared. Asylum, the few who dare to speak, say this: "The horrors perpetrated inside it have impregnated the walls, so much that even now, it seems to hear the screams of suffering of the patients". Asylum hides something atrocious, and who tried to enter it, has never been able to tell it. Jusshead Town seems to have left it all behind, but curious from all over the world knock on its doors to visit the famous madhouse. But the ticket price, in Asylum, is paid for with blood. Now, it's too late to pull back, it's up to you to find out what really survives inside.





In our Real Game the actors will be an active part of every situation: they will pretend to suffocate you, to push you or to drag you. All of this has obviously been designed to increase your involvement in the game as much as possible, guaranteeing maximum safety for the participants. Our actors are professionals and it is therefore essential that you do not oppose their actions with force or with reactions that could cause danger. Remember that you can, at any time, end the game with a "safety word" that will be "I REGRET IT!". Once you scream these words, we will free you and the game will end. Before the start of the game we will give you the opportunity to warn us if you do not want our actors to target you! Remember one thing: DO NOT EVER PUT RESISTANCE!



During the game you WILL get dirty, so it is essential that you put comfortable clothes and to which you do not particularly care. The game is constantly on the move so avoid wearing uncomfortable heels or shoes. We also recommend avoiding necklaces, bracelets, earrings and piercings. Our products are the best on the market. They can also be swallowed, without problems.



What is the main condition in which fear takes over? When you feel lonely ...
At some point in the game you will find yourself alone ... nobody can help you, you will have to rely only on yourself !!